Found this in my email this morning…. really looks legit.  Don’t fall for this SCAM, read more about this type of scam at the following link

Name: Paulo Cunha

Phone: 553 -958-0178


Comments: Attention: Attorney:
I do hope this mail meets you well. I am referred to you by a friend who is an in-active attorney in the state of Utah. On behalf of Ultrpar Industrial Group,Brazil (UIG), We write to seek your representation in a case of breach of contract.
Ultrpar Industrial Group presently which to place a lien on a defaulter’s asset for an past due invoice for which several demand letters have been written to this customer.We believe securing the representation/services of a local attorney will go along in getting a desired result or response from this customer.
Please, confirm your availability to accept this case of breach of contract. Upon receiving your mail I will provide the name of the opposing party for you to run a conflict check .Further evidencing documents, as well details of this claim will be provided when it becomes necessary for your review. should you want me to call you for us to discuss this first over the phone, I will gladly do so at your appointed time and telephone number. Once more thank you for your time,your prompt response will be most appreciated.
Warmest regards,

Paulo Guilherme Aguiar Cunha
Group Head/Chairman
Ultrapar Industrial Group
Tel: +553 -958-0178
Toll Free Telephone: 18885684349
Toll Free Fax: 18885684348