Courtroom Fun in Paris

Member of DA’s office sentenced

By Bill Hankins
The Paris News
Published October 9, 2009

Lamar County and District Attorney Victims and Witness Coordinator Allan Hubbard found himself facing a judge Thursday on a contempt of court charge.

Sixth District Court Judge Eric Clifford sentenced Hubbard to 20 days community service work at the Lamar County Animal Shelter and barred him from the 6th District Court until Jan. 1.

The contempt of court charge stemmed from an incident in the court after a recent sentencing hearing when Hubbard allegedly accosted a defense attorney with angry words and a slap on the shoulder.

Hubbard apologized to the judge, the defense attorney and to the court.

“There is no excuse for what I did in the courtroom,” Hubbard said. “I fell short of proper courtroom procedures, and I feel sorry for that.”

Clifford, who had accused Hubbard of displaying extreme disrespect for the court, told Hubbard: “I have to maintain order in the courtroom. I appreciate your apology and maybe something good will come of this. The defense attorney was just doing his job, and not only that, he was court appointed.”

Hubbard, who is in charge of preparing witnesses and crime victims for testimony in trials, said he will have to turn to volunteers to do his work in Clifford’s courtroom until the first of the year.

After the hearing, Hubbard reflected on what he did wrong.

“It is a good example of the need for keeping my mouth shut,” he said.

County and District Attorney Gary Young had no comment.